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About Us

We are the pioneer for GPS Fleet Management Solution in Singapore for more than a decade ago. Early adopters of our system had since benefited from our system by taking a bold step forward, making vast improvements in their company operations. They had successfully brought down the operation costs, improve on efficiency and effectiveness of their fleets. Visibility of their fleet became transparent from the computer. Gone are the days where operational staffs have to constantly communicate with drivers to get updates on their position.

Our System

The GPS device and software are all developed in-house. We have designed in 72 channels Multi-GNSS and 3G GSM modules into our device which greatly improves coverage, availability and accuracy. Multi-GNSS includes GPS/MSAS/QZSS & BEIDOU satellites signals for ranging. With much wider satellite coverage, position inaccuracies are kept to the minimum.

Our Advantages

In order to stay competitive in today’s market, we kept our overheads low and we pass the savings to our clients. GPS fleet management is already a very mature solution. Why should you pay high monthly subscription fees to manage your vehicle fleet? Why should you be paying more for features that won’t benefit you at all?

We provide the most important information about your fleet, simple and fuss free. That made us become one of the more competitive solution provider in the market today.

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